Brutal, atmospheric and majestic, full of power, Transylvanian bloodstained metal
Syn Ze Sase Tri


  • - 22nd of June, Sibiu (RO) - Oldies Pub:

    (we have the honour to be invited as special guests in Wacken Metal Battle Romanian competition finals, contest who will send to Wacken Open Air 2017 the best Romanian underground act; in competition: Saddayah, E-an-na, Guerrillas and Divided By Perception)

    - 23rd of June, Deva (RO) - John's Pub:

    (opening: Saddayah)

    - 24th of June, Oradea (RO) - Moszkva Kavezo:

    (opening: Diseased Mind)

    These shows are part of "Resurrection Tour", preview for th 4th album "Zaul mo?" ("Elder God") who's gonna be released in September.

Title: Înaripat Şi Împietrit
Album: Sub Semnul Lupului
Release date: 2012
Label: Aural Music/Code666

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