Syn Ze Sase Tri

Our name:

Syn Ze Sase Tri is inspired by a pre-Christian prayer dedicated to a deity, prayer carved on a gravestone, which translated would mean “I’m with triple six”.  This number, 666, being away from the occult meaning, in many cases in the pre-Christian mythology being assigned as the limit between the world of gods and men, a sacred number. The prayer itself was incorporated into the song “Ruga” (The Prayer) a song that ends our first album. The prayer and its discovering were neither confirmed nor denied by the historical / archaeological facts, but have become the perfect starting point for the whole concept of the band.

The prayer is:


In translation:


The idea of ​​reincarnation and life without end is very present in our culture and mythology, and other countries, and the basic idea of ​​our story.

Our logo:

It is a combination of words written and graphic symbols. Visualy consists of the band’s name, written in archaic Romanian fonts, which can be found in many historical and archaeological artifacts, and adopted by the Orthodox Church iconography and religious books.

On top, are some pine trees, which represent the tendency towards achieving purity.

Between the trees, central, is a symbol of 4 dracos * in a circle, surrounded by flying ravens, symbol that can represent continuity, the passing of the seasons, the solstices and equinoxes, a compass (or better still) a sun wheel. This symbol is found in many forms and graphics on pottery, wood carvings and embroidery of Romanian culture, but at the same time and in the northern and Slavic culture. It is a pre-Christian symbol that has no relationship to Nazism and thereby it absolves us of any allegations similarities whatsoever.

The roots found in the lower part of the graphic composition of the logo, symbolizes the human connection with its ancestral land and its origins.

Syn Ze Sase Tri
Syn Ze Sase Tri

(* Draconul or Draco, it is the banner of war of our ancestors, the Dacians, composed of a wolf’s head and tail of the dragon, which, when it was worn in battle with the wind blowing through the open mouth of the wolf’s head, producing a terrifying scream.)

Our concept

With the birth of the band in 2007, the concept on which to build everything, music, message and image was clearly outlined. It started from the idea of ​​composing a story, a fantasy based on historical facts, myths and legends of the people, folklore and traditions which, in addition to the music itself, to try to promote culture, traditions and Romanian legends, and at the same time, promoting the legacy of our ancestors. Thus, each piece is an episode, each album is a chapter of this story, with each album released the story carries on and becomes more and more beautyful. Each character in this story is interpreted by some voice, and the music is trying to create that state of mind that story wants to convey. Besides the lyrics of each track, each album has a story which attempts to make a fuller account of that chapter, completing the entire landscape.

Let your imagination to break loose and step into the realm of the wolf kind.

Syn Ze Sase Tri
Syn Ze Sase Tri
Chapter I - Între Două Lumi

In a realm lost in immemorial times, shaded by murky woods and portly mountains, where Man, Nature and Gods were One, in a sacred place, had the old wise hermit a gloomy vision. With sightless eyes, at the wolf’s howl, he saw his world was doomed.

-“Could Gods be angry? Shall welkin fall upon us? Could fierce foe be the one who’ll bring it all to ashes?”
Be it whoever, the light will dark become, fire rain will fall and no gleam of soul will rest. All will be deadened.

The time is now to justify. The Propecy is becoming true. The Last of Days has come.

With sound of horn he called at place the keenest of man’s sons and the wisest of the elders. Round sacred fire, bitterly spoken, his vision came to word. ‘Twas him, The World’s Maker, whom they have asked for light. Be He the one who gives and takes, may He not doom the seed of braves. With songs of praise they bowed and heralds were sent to welkins. The time has come for strange and hostile steps to cross the toft where Man’s roots are thrust, and Cursed Thought dusked the minds of the minds of the braves.

Death was worshiped, the air was burnt by fire, torn bodies mantled the place, but neighter heaven, nor earth opened for those who laugh confronting death. Nature guarded them and their fate was engraved on The Wheel of Life – to be reborn wiser, a new begining for each death. In the Majesty of Embodiment, intruded by the spirit of the elders and touched by Gods, immortals, they return to The Neverending Path.

Eyes begin to see the meaning. The spirit is reborn as the firebird, The Eternal Spirit is carried Between Two Worlds, between two livings. The ray of pure light as sign was sent. The Prayer was heard and the man’s son was reborn, pure in body and soul, Under The Sign Of The Wolf…

Syn Ze Sase Tri
Chapter II - Sub Semnul Lupului

…And here I am, listening the emptyness…
My eyes which death have seen, now looking at the red blood skyes, and I wonder if as few as we remained, will overcome the curse that fell upon us once again.
The moon blakened, and even nature can not endure that much bitterness.
The elders talk about a prophecy since the begining of aeons. That the chosen one will come and give us wisdom, and it will lead us into victory.
…But as I the fire that burns in front of me, the only one who has a little warmness to offer, I hear the dreaded one…calling us to give our final breath for this land. Only him, the Wolf, was allways on our side, raise our exhausted beings.
Descending the mountains, all the braves, elders, all the cripled, with torches in their hands and hate in their eyes and souls, with bloodthirsty cold iron, a stream of fire.
But wait…the earth is rumbling…as like the mountains are collapsing, and the fire, crystal blue becomes, and from the skies, spears of light are pointing to the place.
Is this a sign?
In the depths of the earth, in the cave of the ill, I hear the cry of a child who does not want to shut. In his cry, he is like trying to tell us not to lose our faith…
He must be the One!!! The chosen one…
The TIME has come!!!
I will spread the word that the one BORN IN DARKNESS, has come, and for him we will give our lives. The elders had spoken that he will grow like others in a century, and that his wisdom like a braided thread, from ancient times extends, and all he lived in past lives will teach us. His legacy, THE ANCESTRAL LAND, and THE LAW OF THE FOREFATHERS will give to us.
Now…we’ll go, guided BY THE SIGN OF THE WOLF, and in THE SATURDAY OF THE WATERS, will send to death the ones who set foot on our lands, and if we’ll be victorious, we’ll know that he, the chosen one, IMMORTAL AND FOREVER, down in the earth will go and after centuries will come of all wise, the EMBODYMENT OF WISDOM.Thus said the elders, that IN THE DEPTHS OF THE EARTH, Zamolxe, Himself will give him knowledge about the law of man and nature. THE MOUNTAIN HERMIT will rise into the heavens, WINGED AND PETRIFFIED, sanctified, and we will make offerings and temples in his name we’ll build celebrating THE COMING of the one who’s KING OVER THE KINGS…

Syn Ze Sase Tri
Chapter III - Stăpîn Peste Stăpîni

In the pale candle light my soulless body sits and awaits my return from the skies. I’ve left on wings of winds to those who named me, but I’m not expected by anyone.
But I have killed the bear with my bare hands and the voice of the ancestors has spoken in the crystal light, I have left my body on the mountain top and my spirit has risen to the skies.
Am I not worthy?

But who’s the one sitting without shield and chain mail at the gats of the sky, and counts in the hourglass each and every grain of sand that passes?

“-it’s me THE GUARDIAN OF TIME and this hourglass is your world. In my hands lies all that has been, but also what will be. Open your eyes, your heart and your mind, and fill yourself with them because you’re the one who shall hold THE ORDER OF TIME. Take the wisdom and what you shall do with it, you’ll know.
Through the nine gates of fire from the sky you’ll pass until you’ll be whole. And then you shall return man among men.”

All of sudden, everything becomes clear in my mind and THE ORPHIC PASSING makes me see everything in a new light, all clear and different.

But what does it mean to be whole and return man among men?

I have one more gate to pass… is it leading to my world? Is it leading to my body?

But it cannot be, as all is white and cold and i see not man, nor beast, nor do I see land.
Shadows float around me and I don’t understand what they’re telling me. Coldness passing through me, just the whistling wind. But wait… I see myself, is that realy me? It’s not me, but still it seems to be me, it’s cold as stone and without benighnity. It’s pure evil and grabs me without my will he’s THE ONE OF MOOR. The ancients were cursing. Is that me who has been cursed? I was without sin with the soul as pure light. Now I’m black and white, loved and cursed.

Now, IN THE FROST OF HELL my steps carry me and I know what no one else has ever known. I know all that’s good and bad and I must lead all those who up to now lived randomly. The candle bearely flickers, on the bear’s fur i’ve opened my eyes and I know it is not a dream, and I also know that I must carry the seed of wisdom to the world.

The fairies foretelling at my birth has come to be. That I’ll be the one KING OVER THE KINGS and THE MOUNTAIN’S MAKER have carved my throne which in its rest holds that precious stone, and on the walls, CARVED IN STONE, I shall write the laws of the world that all shall get, even if I were not to be no more.

AT THE CROSSROADS OF TIME, I shall go in the open world and I’ll tell them not to bow their heads, but to hold their heads high without reaches. TO GIVE THE EARTH WHAT BELONGS TO THE EARTH, as it is still ours in each and every life.

And behold the sons of man bringing me offerings and coming for wisdom, relief and hope, and they all call me Zamolxes, THE ELDER GOD.

Syn Ze Sase Tri