Syn Ze Sase Tri

The band was founded in 2007 on the initiative of Alex “Corbu” Mihai, Andrei “Hultan” Ionescu and Paul “Strigoi” Bologan, who found the optimal way of musical expression through the mystical sound, of the black metal genre.

The band was founded with the intent to promote through music and image the most beautiful, dark and, in many cases, bloody stories, fragments of history, fairy tales and folk customs of the vast, mystical and old Romanian culture from pre-Christian period. At the same time, through images that complement the music and concept, trying to promote the most important and beautiful relics, historical sites and places with loads of Romanian culture.

The three founders had sung together before Syn Ze Sase Tri, in several bands approaching genres of extreme metal generally, bands that have influenced and led to the birth of Syn Ze Sase Tri in this first trio line-up: voice / guitar, bass and drums.

Immediately after the band was created, the 3 members began composing material for the first album, which due to some unfortunate deals with several labels, led to delay launching material. On 24 August 2007 the first song written under this title was given to listening to the public, “Ziua Din Urmă” (The Last Day), on September 27, 2007 the second song, “Gînd Blestemat” (Cursed Thought ).
Both pieces were very well received and appreciated by listeners and so were our first steps in the journey.

At the beginning of 2008 Sergiu “Spin” Istudor joins the band, occupying the role of second guitarist, alongside Corbu.

The band recorded their debut album “Între Două Lumi” ( Between Two Worlds) in the Negură Music studio, having Sol Faur and Hupogrammos (DORDEDUH, Sunset in the 12 house, Transceatla, ex. Negura Bunget) as sound engineers.

For this album the symphonic orchestration was done by Andy Vasilescu (ex. Nexus) and Vlad “Necredinciosu” Toma, who helped composing the instrumental “Măreția Întrupării” (The greatness of the Incarnation), and also with certain parts of keyboards on the overall sound of the album.

In 2009, Corbu and Spin joined Negură Bunget, where they were actively involved in composition and promoting the album “Vîrstele Pămîntului”.

The next period of touring with Negură Bunget put on hold the activities for Syn Ze Sase Tri, but in 2010, Corbu and Spin decide to focus exclusively on the work with Syn Ze Sase Tri,.

At the beginning of 2011 to expand the way of musical expression, the band joins Mihai “Lycan” Deliu, which became the frontman and main vocalist of the band, bringing with him death metal influences in the band’s sound.

Also in early 2011, the band signed a contract for three albums with thr Italian label Aural Music / Code 666, which launches internationally the first album of the band entitled “ÎNTRE DOUĂ LUMI” (BETWEEN TWO WORLDS), an album of symphonic extreme metal, very appreciated by listeners and critics of gender, often compared with the biggest bands in this genre such as Dimmu Borgir, Emperor and Keep of Kallessin.

The music is complemented by the artwork made by Jan Yirlud from Darkgrove Designs, who signed the graphic part for bands like Manowar, Tyr, Gwidion, etc.

Shortly after the first album release, Strigoi leaves the band due to personal problems, followed shortly by Spin which returns to Negură Bunget. Immediately after his departure, Dragos’ Urmuz “Oichea is recruited to complete the formula that will become the most productive to that date.

Despite all the problems encountered, Corbu continues to work on new material for the second album of Syn Ze Sase Tri, a new drummer being recruited to supplement composition: Andrei “Putrid” Jumugă, who will bring with him a fresh and aggressive sound through his interpretative skills, with many influences from black / death metal; in the immediately following period, the band start recording a new album in the Tomcat Studio in Timișoara, having Mihai Toma as sound engineer.

The second album, “SUB SEMNUL LUPULUI” (UNDER THE SIGN OF THE WOLF), was released in the spring of 2012, the graphic parts for this album being performed again by Jan Yirlund from Darkgrove Designs.

In 2014 the band started working on their third album album, recorded at DSPro Studio in Timisoara, having Attilla Lukinich as sound engineer. This time, the band is joined by a few collaborators, who through their interpretation to give more life to the story and characters of the album, through the voice of soprano Julia Szabo from the National Opera in Timisoara, the Heavy Metal voice of Alin “Coiotu” Dincă from Trooper, the voices and  folk / pagan choirs of  Manuel Giugulă and Bogdan Luparu from Bucovina, the clean and black metal voices of Adi “Ageru Pămîntului” Ghercea from Argus Megere, bagpipes by Andrei Oltean from E-an-na, and Gabi Almași on theremin.

The 3rd album, “STĂPÎN PESTE STĂPÎNI” (KING OVER THE KINGS), was released in 2015 and had the best reviews from the public and the critics, opening also new horizons of musical expression, widening the existing style since 2007. This album concludes the first contract with the Italian label Aural Music / Code666.

2016 was a black year for Syn Ze Sase Tri.

Loss of interest and personal problems of the band members brought the band to a critical point. Putrid, Lycan and Urmuz leave the band, follow shortly and Hultan, leaving Corbu in a position to decide the fate of the band.

The decision was to continue and carry on further on the road  started in 2007.

New members have been recruited and a new formula was ready to carry the Syn Ze Sase Tri battle flag.

Moș on guitar, Florin “Dor” Gheorghiță on drums and Florin “Șuier” Costăchiță on vocals, are the new warriors of the Syn Ze Six Tri legion, all 3 being experienced musicians with a solid musical background in bands like Opus Ruina, Malpraxis, Necrovile, Ka Gaia An, An Theos or Dark Fusion.

With this new formula, a new chapter in the history of Syn Ze Sase Tri is written by signing a new contract with Aural Music / Code666 label, and finalization of a new album, entitled “ZĂUL MOȘ” (THE ELDER GOD), programed to be launched in 2017, all graphics for this album being made once again by Jan Yirlund from Darkgrove Designs.

As it was done on the previous 3 albums, this new material will include new characters and elements, brought to life through the collaboration with the greatest names in Romanian rock music scene.